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Devlin Law, PLLC is a sole practitioner law firm that specializes in Estate Planning, Real Property, Contract Law, and Business Law.  When you call, you are not re-routed to a secretary or lesser associate but deal directly with the attorney you've hired.
I offer a wide range of legal services that will help and protect you as an individual or as a business.  Everyone, regardless of the scope of needs or potential consequences, deserves to be represented fairly and competently with their best interest always in mind.
At Devlin Law, PLLC, I am not simply doing my best for you.  I will give you more than simply my "best".  You will hire me because I listen, I understand your needs, and I work zealously towards your goals.
Devlin Law PLLC is guided by the principals of Client Agency and Honest Communication:
In listening to my clients' situation, I do not offer a cookie cutter list of forms, products and pre-packaged advice.  Instead, I craft a solution custom to their problems and needs.  In this way, I work backwards from the client's desired outcome to the present situation so we have a clear roadmap forward.
The worst thing I can do is lie, or even embellish, a client's situation.  A client's entire expectation and strategy in their matter may change if details are hid.  An attorney cannot be an advocate without a client's full understanding of the situation, for good or for bad.
Adam J Devlin
Managing Attorney
Adam J Devlin has lived in Southeastern Michigan for nearly his entire life.  He is a husband and father of two boys, who enjoys cooking, staying active and volunteers at his church.  He has been a lawyer for ten years and has represented a diverse clientele from pro bono representation of individuals to national corporations.
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