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Devlin Law PLLC combines the knowledge and formidability of a large law firm with the personal touch of a boutique.  Our landlord clients understand they are being represented with their bottom line in mind as we utilize every technological advantage we can to be as efficient as possible.
Investment property, whether you are an individual who owns a few properties or a corporation who owns multiple multifamily communities, is an incredible source of potential income.
As an attorney for Landlords, I understand my job is neither to let your tenants get away with everything nor remove everyone so your units are vacant.  My job is to balance a tenant's capacity to pay what is owed with a landlord's expectation to be paid and craft a solution that advances my client's business purposes.
Because I am aware of the tangential aspects to landlord representation, I can advance your interests beyond the mere collection of rent using the summary proceeding format.  Additionally, I can offer my clients services that run parallel to my representation for eviction matters at superior efficiency. 
We have the capacity to represent our clients in security deposit actions, collections action and breach of contract actions filed by disgruntled tenants.  
If you are a current Landlord looking for access to our application, please click below.
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