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The every-day situations of our lives have potential for far reaching consequences.  You sign a contract for home improvement services, you want to form a company for a new business or you do not understand your closing statement for your house.  Everywhere we look there is legal language and requirements enveloping our lives.
Devlin Law, PLLC helps its clients navigate our litigious world so that they are as protected as possible from predators and looters.  We take a pre-emptive mindset towards potential problems in order to anticipate and mitigate for our clients.  We do this by advising our clients BEFORE there is litigation so that I can both mitigate costs and dictate the terms of the discussion.  Together, these lead to better outcomes for my clients. 
In a world replete with pitfalls and traps, we act as a guide so our clients can safely reach tomorrow.
Devlin Law, PLLC Services
  • Business formation, compliance and operation.
  • Real property transactions
  • Real property title and border defense
  • ​Condominium Board Representation
  • ​Judgment Collection
    ​​Personal litigation and defense.
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