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From Avvo:
"Mr. Devlin was a perfect fit for the work I had him perform. His attention to detail in drawings and writen report was noted by the officials he filled with. This led to a victory for Mr. Devlin. I look forward to using Mr. Devlin services in the future."
"Adam is more like a friend to you. He cares . If You want a lawyer to hear what you say and not put you under a rug then is the guy for you. I have used him a on a few cases and it worked out well for US. Thank You Adam."
"My experience with Mr. Devlin consists of a single case. He impressed me immensely as a consummate professional and a gentleman. Mr. Devlin came across as a "go getter" attorney. I would be honored to be a former client reference if ever needed."
"I have dealt with Mr. Delvin regarding a number of business matters over the past six months and I have yet to be disappointed! He conducts his business with care and integrity. I would recommend him to anyone!"
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